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Who is the best Syracuse player to never play in an NBA game?

There are always those guys who do well in school but their game just doesn’t translate to the big show. Who’s the best of that bunch?

Big East Basketball Tournament - Syracuse v Pittsburgh Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This week’s Reddit-inspired question involves a topic that might make some Syracuse Orange fans feel a little sensitive.

We all know that there’s a perception about Syracuse basketball players and their lack of success in the NBA. Of course, you and I know that there are plenty of Orange alums who have done well in the pros, not to mention we’re currently one of the best places to go to college if you want to be a first-round pick.

But, because of the way talent translates from college to the pros, there are always those guys who do well in school but their game just doesn’t translate to the big show. One such guy seems to be Trevor Cooney, who will leave SU with two Final Four appearances under his belt but is almost-certainly never going to suit up for an NBA squad.

He’s not the only one in that situation. And so, the question is...

Who is the best Syracuse Orange who never played a game in the NBA? Oh and let’s stick to guys who played during a time when the NBA existed (1946)...

There’s Gerry McNamara, one of the most clutch shooters and best players to ever suit up for the Orange. G-Mac spent a little bit of time on the D-League but was never able to break on through.

Preston Shumpert is the No. 8 scorer in SU history but he went undrafted and spent his pro career overseas.

Erich Santifer averaged 14.9 PPG over his Syracuse career and was the No. 2 scorer in school history when he left (though he’s been passed many times since). He was drafted in the third round of the NBA Draft when that existed but he never played.

Eric Devendorf went undrafted after leaving SU but his legacy includes a 14.5 PPG scoring average, the No. 5 three-point shooter in school history and all of his Devo-ness.

Some other options include Adrian Autry, Todd Burgan, Jon Cincebox, and Lazarus Sims. Feel free to suggest someone else in the comments as well...