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CrookedClemson is unfit to be our next ACC Atlantic Champion #MakeAmericaOrangeAgain

It's time to Make America Orange Again.

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The Clemson Tigers and Florida State Seminoles have single-handedly destabilized the ACC, handed Maryland to the Big Ten, and allowed our personnel to be decimated in the College Football Playoffs. They appeased Notre Dame on the path to reckless autonomy. They've promoted a Food Lion-first agenda that puts organic produce shoppers in harms way.

Clemson put the whole conference at risk with it's Clemsoning, allowing Dabo Swinney to dance, and repeatedly letting weak Boston College cover the spread. They've shipped dozens of our best players to the NFL where they appease Roger Goodell's special interests rather than improving the Atlantic Coast Conference. They have betrayed hard-working schools such as Syracuse, Boston College, Wake Forest, and NC State, all of whom were promised Belk Bowls that have yet to be delivered. Time and time again Clemson has proven itself unfit to serve in any leadership capacity.

Clemson is reckless with its tailgating security policies, reckless with the FSU regime change, and reckless with the lives of opponents who have to line up against them. Our conference has been humiliated across the nation and compromised by radical Tigerism. We need change now.

Please help Syracuse Orange football #MakeAmericaOrangeAgain. The correct Orange. Not those other schools that wear orange. We need to build a wall around those orange schools, but that's a story for another time.

make america orange again