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Syracuse Football training camp: What we learned on media day and day one

Media day and the first day of practice are in the books. What did we learn?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Syracuse Orange football season is underway as training camp has begun. Let's check in to see what's been going on and what we've learned. We turn to Syracuse.comDaily Orange, and for pointers.


Watch Dino Babers' media day press conference and get excited. Or don't. It's your call.

And here's Babers following the first day of practice.

"Nobody was over a trash can." Good start.


Eric Dungey talks about the upcoming season.

Freshman quarterack Rex Culpepper isn't wearing a knee brace, good news for a guy trying to get past a torn ACL.

Coach Babers focused on getting the quarterbacks to work on quick releases, a staple of his offense.


The SU running backs have a lot of work to do on getting those knees up.


Josh Parris wore a green jersey, which means limited participation as he recovers from an injury.


Omari Palmer on the upcoming season.

Jason Emerich's turn to talk about what's ahead for the Orange.


Friday, captain Zaire Franklin talked about upcoming linebackers Jonathan Thomas and Ted Taylor, both of whom are challenging for the last starting spot next to him and Parris Bennett.

"They have a very interesting relationship in that they're competing for the same job — and it's really wide open — but at the same time, they help each other so much, both on and off the field," Franklin said at SU media day on Friday. "They've learned a lot of things together, and I think with them helping each other grow, it's going to create better competition and put a better product on the field."

"The biggest growth I've seen from JT is mentally," Franklin said. "I think the way he approaches the game, the way he prepares for the game, just his overall understanding of where he needs to be, is at a whole different level than anything since I've been here."

Both Bennett and Taylor both wore green jerseys, which means limited participation, as they recover from an injury.


Freshman safety Devon Clarke did not participate in practice. He's recovering from "a medical issue."

Chauncey Scissum wore a green jersey Saturday.


There will never be another Riley Dixon but freshman walk-on Nolan Cooney already has the basics down to live up to the hype.

The first-team kicking unit seems set with Cole Murphy kicking, Zack Mahoney holding, and Matt Keller long-snpping.