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Syracuse Basketball: Matthew Moyer suffers sprained foot but won't miss time

Syracuse fans got a scare when they saw freshman Matt Moyer with crutches but it's not as bad as it looks.

Matt Govendo

Syracuse Orange fans got quite a scare Wednesday night when the logged on to Twitter and saw this...

Why is incoming freshman Matthew Moyer standing with a pair of crutches??? Has the early-season Syracuse basketball curse struck already?

Turns out that, yes, Moyer sprained his right foot, but, no, he's not going to miss any time. CuseNation's Ben Sigel has the update:

Incoming freshman Matthew Moyer is currently in a walking boot after suffering a small sprain to his right foot, sources told

He will be back for the start of official practice, which begins in early October.

The 6'8", 215-pound forward is one of three key incoming players in the Class of 2016 along with Tyus Battle and Taurean Thompson. After averaging 16.5 points and 9.5 rebounds per game as a senior, it remains to be seen how big of a contribution he'll be making on the court this year. The Orange have a crowded roster as it is and it might still get even more crowded.

Get better, Matthew.