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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse Orange grab bag, Big 12 realignment

John and Dan decide this one's a bit of a grab bag. We promise a more focused theme next week (and most weeks thereafter).


Rather than one focused topic this week, we just discuss anything and everything about Syracuse Orange football because despite the offseason, there's still a lot going on.

In this episode, John Cassillo is joined by Dan Lyons to chat about all the random Syracuse things going on this week, Big 12 realignment nonsense, and of course, discuss some beer. Some of the larger talking points.

  • A pretty compelling case for adding UConn to the ACC (if Notre Dame joins for football)
  • What did Pat Narduzzi ACC coaches have to say about Scott Shafer?
  • Orange recruiting is trending well, but does it mean anything?
  • Digesting Texas-Big 12 expansion conspiracy theories
  • Tossing around ideas on what Syracuse does with the rest of these recruiting spots
  • The Pac-12 has no realignment options, which is problematic
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast doesn't go over the hour mark for once. We toss around a bunch of Syracuse topics, before moving onto Big 12 realignment and then beer.

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