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Syracuse Basketball: Matthew Moyer's foot will be evaulated in six weeks

Jim Boeheim provides an update on the freshman's foot injury and when he might get back on the court.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

When we first heard about freshman Matthew Moyer's foot injury, it sounded like it wasn't going to be a big deal. As Syracuse Orange fans, we should have known better.

Last time Boeheim spoke about it, it sounded like the injury was still a mystery and his timetable for return was unknown. Boeheim spoke about it again on Tuesday, providing a little bit more context for if and when Moyer might be ready to play.

"He hasn't played for two or three weeks,'' Boeheim said. "He won't play for five or six more weeks. We really have to see where he is at the end of that time. If his injury is healed or if he needs a procedure done on him.

"Depending on where he is, we'll have to evaluate what his health is and what's best for him.''

Boeheim also said that the injury involves one of Moyer's right toes, but would elaborate on specifics. Some had reported it was a sprained ankle previously.

There's been some rumblings in recent days about Moyer and whether or not Syracuse should just redshirt the freshman because he's probably not going to see much playing time in his bloated roster anyway. That certainly has to be a consideration especially since it sounds like Moyer will be way behind his teammates and Boeheim already puts most freshmen on a short leash even when they're up to speed.