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How do Nebraska fans feel about new Syracuse Orange Andrew White III?

Andrew White III has burned some bridges on his way to Syracuse. Let's get a Nebraska-side view of the situation.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans are over the moon about the news Andrew White III will be transferring from the Nebraska Cornhuskers to play for SU this season. Not only because he cements a deep & talented roster but also because he's proven himself a capable shooter and scorer in his own right.

There has been a cloud hanging over White, however. That could comes from concerns out of Lincoln that White is a bit of a schemer, concerned about himself over his teammates. A me-first guy who can rub people the wrong way with the way he handles tough situations.

White has provided his side of the story but that's not how all parties see it. Honestly, if the situation were flipped, and this was a star at Syracuse who decided to transfer at the peak of his powers, we'd probably take issue with it as well. It's not cut and dry.

We reached out to Corn Nation and writer Patrick Gerhart was good enough to get back to us with a Cornhusker view of White, his time at Nebraska, what he can offer on the court, and what concerns exist off of it.

First off, what was he like on the court:

His time at Nebraska was good and productive. While he wasn't the flashiest player on the court he did bring in some much needed scoring to a team that had very little of it coming into the season. Overall, his time here contributing to the team was beneficial. He was almost always one of the top scorers on the team.

So he goes pro but decides to come back to Nebraska, and then decides to transfer. How did Nebraska fans take that:

His leaving has left a bad taste in the mouth of most Nebrasketball fans. At first, he asked to be able to pursue the possibility of joining the 2016 NBA draft. No problem, this happens to a lot of teams. We didn't want him to go but hey, it's his life. After having some tryouts with some of the teams it was apparent he wasn't ready for the league and decided to come back to play one last season for the Huskers.

A month after coming back to Lincoln, he decided to leave the team and pursue another college to finish his final season. This is where it starts to turn sour.

His reasoning for leaving was his role on the team and the ability for Nebraska to compete. There's a lot of he said she said going on and Miles and other members of the team seemed frustrated enough to let him go.

Husker fans seem to be a little tired of his back and fourth, as any fan base would. There also has to be something else going on there that we don't know about. We most likely won't get it from White and Coach Miles won't talk.

However it seems to go deeper than that as

There is also a fairly well known belief that his dad is behind a lot of his decisions and relationship with the media.

For that Patrick pointed me towards this piece from June on, which details one reporter's interactions with White's father. In it, writer Lee Barfknecht says White, Sr. asked if he should hire a PR firm to talk up his son before White had even played for the Huskers last season

Ultimately, it sounds like Nebraska fans understand the way White sees the whole process and doesn't expect him to cause disruptions at SU because of it.

He's leaving because he doesn't think Nebraska is the team to get him into the NBA. Fair or not, the way he has gone about it has rubbed just about everyone here the wrong way. I wish you guys the best with him. He's got great potential and could possibly contribute well to the Orange. This is his last shot at any attempt to redeem himself in college basketball and getting in the NBA without going overseas so I doubt he will cause much problems but you never know.

It's a dicey situation and thanks to Patrick from Corn Nation for taking the time to chat.