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Carmelo Anthony does, in fact, like Vanessa Carlton

Carmelo didn't seem too happy to hear A Thousand Miles on the flight to Rio but that's not Vanessa Carlton's fault.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I know, you were on the edge of your seat wondering.

Carmelo Anthony is on the brink of breaking all kinds of Team USA basketball records. In his third Olympics, he has the chance to win his third gold medal, this time as a leader of the team headed into Rio. With many key NBA players backing out of the Olympics this year, Melo's game will be on full display, and was expected to be one of the main focuses for the media throughout the Olympics.

Until Vanessa Carlton showed up.

That damn song that came out fifteen years ago that made every romantic comedy soundtrack since. Team USA loved it, Melo seemingly didn't:

Melo ain't having it...

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But as you wonder how Carmelo couldn't love such a beautiful song that brings any preteen girl to tears when her boyfriend breaks up with her over Facebook, worry no more! Carmelo declared his love for the song following Team USA's win over Nigeria, stating that he simply isn't a morning person.

From the New York Daily News writer Daniel O'Leary:

"They've been on me. They know I don't like early mornings, man. That was Jimmy (Buter's) playlist. I'm taking the playlist back from him, I'm taking the speakers back from him. No more music. I actually like that song though," Anthony said after scoring a team-high 19 points in the United States' 110-66 exhibition blowout of Nigeria.

If that didn't put your mind at ease, Melo's declaration of fandom for Vanessa Carlton will:

"I like the song. I love the movie 'White Chicks' but they got me early in the morning," Anthony said. After the interviewer ended saying he was with "the number One Vanessa Carlton fan, Carmelo Anthony" Melo concurred.

"Absolutely," Anthony said. "I'm sorry Vanessa! I apologize!"

Phew. I was worried the negative PR fallout from this would spiral out of control.