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We have concerns about Dino Babers' & John Wildhack's pitching motions


Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Back in May, Syracuse Orange head coaches Dino Babers and Jim Boeheim took to the mount in Binghamton to throw out the first pitch. When it came to SU's new football CEO, we had some concerns.

His stance is solid, like an oak tree. Would like to see a little more bend in the knees. Not a lot of lower-body action in the windup. Instead he seems to want to power the pitch with his back, which, is unorthodox. He does have nice kick and the arm velocity is admirable. He's only slightly off-target but he gets the pitch pretty level.

Has Dino improved since then? He got a second chance at proving he deserves a shot at the big leagues when he and new SU athletic director John Wildhack threw out for the first pitches before a Syracuse Chiefs game on Saturday.

Man, with that kind of fire and intensity, the ball must have ripped through the catcher's mitt and ended up somewhere in Destiny USA's parking lot.

Not so much, then. Don't quit your day job, Coach.

As for Wildhack, I wasn't able to find video but judging by that form, I'm going to assume it didn't go much better. You're all arm, John! summed it up as being a good pitch if only in comparison to Babers'.

Wildhack's effort produced a looping offering that sailed high and well outside before the catcher snared it. But that was cheese compared to Babers' pitch, a worm-killer that bounced, skipped past the catcher and rolled to the backstop.

I have concerns about the future of Syracuse Baseball.