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Andrew White: Playing for Syracuse 'too good of an opportunity to pass up'

Andrew White explains why he chose to transfer to Syracuse for his grad season.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Sunday, Andrew White III officially announced that he was coming to play for the Syracuse Orange next season as a grad transfer. White chose SU from a pack of schools he visited or showed interest in that included VCU, Michigan State, Miami, and Louisville.'s Mike Waters spoke with White about the decision.

"I think it was the opportunity to compete on one of the biggest stages in all of college basketball," the 6-foot-7 wing said in a phone interview on Sunday. "After getting to know the coach and some of the players I feel like they have a good plan for me. That was really important since I''m coming in as a transfer and playing right away instead of sitting out a year.

"I felt like this was too good of an opportunity to pass up."

According to Waters, White says he decided he was sure on Syracuse "about 48 hours ago," which is either hyperbole or debunks a whole lot of SAUCES on Twitter last week.

What's interesting in White's case is that he didn't pick SU because of the facilities or because of the tradition. For him, it's about what the coaches and team looks like and how he can fit into the system.

"When you've been in college for four years and been at two schools and played for three years, you look at things differently than when you're coming out of high school," White said when asked about the amount of time it took to make his decision. "I almost had too much information and knowledge. As a young guy, you tend to look at the bells and whistles. I was looking at a lot more than a big stadium and a rich tradition."

White is on campus and told Waters he expected to meet with the rest of the team before the day was through. Better get to know each other soon, the season will be here before you know it.