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Syracuse Football: If you were a defensive end you'd be playing by now

Coach Babers invited the friends and family of everyone listed as a defensive end on the SU football team to the Dome next week. They're guaranteed to see their favorite player.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We knew going in to the 2016 season that defensive line was going to be an area of concern for the Syracuse Orange. The unit is very young and very inexperienced. Coach Babers has been playing around with the pieces available, fitting them into place as he can.

Still, turns out that Babers is still trying to figure out which players are going to make the most impact, especially at the end positions. He plans on seeing what all of them can do when the team opens the season against Colgate next week.

"They're going to play as a unit and we're going to need all of them," Babers said after practice on Thursday. "We don't even have enough of the ones we do have; we need more.

"They're all going to play. If you've got a son or a friend who's playing defensive end, get excited, buy some tickets because they're going to be in the game. I promise you that."

As for that defensive line unit, they've seen ESPN's piece that ranked them dead last among ACC front seven. According to Jake Pickard, they're keeping it handy.

"We got the ESPN article taped up saying we're the weak part. Everybody likes to talk trash, and we like to keep it on the DL and just show them what we're about."

Wait, does he mean he wants to keep this on the DL or he wants to keep this about the DL, cause those are two different things if I understand my slang correctly.