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Syracuse Men’s Soccer: Locker room header video goes national

Apparently the squad really knows how to use their heads... (I’ll see myself out)

We’re going to go right into it. This is the tweet that started it all. A crazy bit of skill from the Syracuse Orange locker room.

That little nugget has gone completely viral, being featured on a few media outlets you may have heard of, like SportsCenter, The Today Show, Fox Soccer, and acknowledged by fellow upstate NY’er and former USWNT striker/current all time leading goal scorer Abby Wambach on Twitter. They were featured on Good Morning America this morning as well.

Liam Callahan, the co-captain for the year, with senior Oyvind Alseth, is the man in the middle, orchestrating the trip around the entire team. It got a little hairy towards the end, but they pulled together 25-straight well placed and controlled headers, which is mildly crazy, as you can tell by their collective reaction.

Coach McIntyre was even having a little fun with it.

You can tell from the video that this squad is a lot of fun to be around. It should be a great season this year to root for them. The Orange kick off the regular season this Friday, August 26th, up at SU Soccer Stadium next to Manley field house. They’ll be playing the UMass Minutemen and kickoff is set for 7pm. Hope to see you out there.