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Three takeaways from Jim Boeheim's post-Olympics press conference

Jim Boeheim spoke with the local media yesterday to discuss his time in Rio. Sadly, there was no comment of the fine Italian cuisine in South America.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off his flight from Rio de Janeiro, Jim Boeheim didn't delay in speaking (read: being forced to speak) to the local media on Tuesday. The jury is still out on how authentic the Italian cuisine is in Brazil, but something tells us Boeheim doesn't know the difference regardless. In retrospect, Brazilian steakhouses are probably apropos of Denny's anyhow.

Just kidding, Jim. We still love you and I'm sure the Italian food was great down there. Without further ado, let's dive into the major takeaways from Boeheim's press conference yesterday.

1) He's still learning

"I think I've learned something every year that I've been in the olympics. Something about relationships or dealing with players or some basketball related things. There;s just things that you're going to learn around those kind of players and those kind of coaches and watching other teams and how they prepare and what they do."

This reinforces the idea that there are no finish lines in life and that learning is a lifelong process no matter how much wisdom and experience you posses. Despite being one of the most venerable coaches in the sport, Boeheim is still learning. Perhaps that mentality is part of what makes the great ones stand above the crowd.

2) Boeheim loves retirement-type questions

Initially Boeheim didn't answer the question directly, leaving it open to interpretation whether or not he'd coach in Tokyo in 2020. He then segued into a tone that let us know he has no idea whether or not he'd be coaching in the next Olympics or not. I genuinely believe that Boeheim hasn't thought that far ahead. We know how he tends to stay laser-focussed on the present and takes a "one game at a time" approach to life.

3) Malachi Richardson has an opportunity to play in Sacramento

And there it is! Boeheim is already in mid-season form. In typical Boeheim phraseology, the 'Heimer suggests that Malachi has an opportunity to play in Sacramento. There are no guarantees in Boeheim speak.

You can see the full press conference below. Even further down is the comment section. I suggest you type your feelings in down there.