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Syracuse football 2016: Why the Orange will finish 4-8

Because Syracuse football, that's why.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Ed. Note - This week, TNIAAM writers are taking a stab at telling you why this football team will finish with a specific record, so don't get all huffy about this prediction. Yet.

Monday: 3-9 (Suxa)

Tuesday: 4-8 (James Szuba)

Wednesday: 5-7 (Ari Gilberg)

Thursday: 6-6 (John)

Friday: 7-5 (Sean)

So Syracuse is going to go 4-8 this season again. You can take that to the bank. That's all you need to know, my work is done.

But if we really want to get into it, I suppose we can. You've seen the 2016 Syracuse Orange football schedule already, but let's break this down game by game.

Colgate: Syracuse opens its season against Colgate in just 10 days. Colgate won the Patriot League last season, but not sure that matters much in the big scheme of this conversation. Syracuse wins by double-digits. We all rejoice. (1-0)

Louisville: It's early. This is still a bad sign. Louisville is a cut above Syracuse on the gridiron and the Orange fall even at a win and a loss a piece. The offense doesn't look nearly up to snuff in this one, and the defense is virtually run off the field. Sads all around. (1-1)

USF: Last season it was thought that Syracuse would be somewhat competitive with South Florida. However the Bulls dominated the Syracuse defense and put up 45 points in the process. Expect South Florida to take this one away from the Orange again even if they are on the road. Quinton Flowers and Marlon Mack show last year was no fluke. Expect pain. (1-2)

Connecticut: Uconn't be serious. Connecticut football is about as good as its "sixth borough" slogan. (Hint: not very good). Syracuse rolls into PAWS ARF and grabs the win to get back on track following a couple losses. (2-2)

Notre Dame: L. Notre Dame's among the nation's top 10 to 15 teams. For an Orange squad that's probably going to struggle on defense, that's a recipe for disaster -- one that comes to life at MetLife Stadium. But hey, hope to see some of you at the game! (2-3)

Wake Forest: Syracuse was able to edge Wake last year as Eric Dungey finished the game with 221 total yards in his first career start. Expect the sophomore to have another solid performance against the Demon Deacons and help push Syracuse to victory and once again return to .500. (3-3)

Virginia Tech: Hey! You know what day this is? No, not October 15. No, not my birthday, it's even better. It's cheer and dance day (according to some made up holiday calendar)! Unfortunately there will be nothing to cheer or dance about on the Syracuse side of things. The Hokies' defense keeps SU in check while Tech's new up-tempo offense runs by an out-manned D. (3-4)

Boston College: The only thing worse than BC basketball is BC football. Actually it might be the other way around, but both programs are deplorable at best. You don't get to a combined 0-26 in the two sports by dumb luck. There's reason to believe the Orange make it three wins in four ACC tries against the Eagles. (4-4)

Clemson: This is where it starts to get ugly. What's the over/under? Whatever it is, now take the over. Deshaun Watson and the Tigers take this one in a rout. (4-5)

NC State: NC State has talent on the defensive end, and at running back, at the very least. I guess that's enough to get them past Syracuse? Other than 2013, they just always seem a slight cut above. Another L. (4-6)

Florida State: No Jameis no problem, right? Well unfortunately there are plenty of problems and they're named Cook, Rudolph, Whitfield and Walker, along with a host of other surnames that you'll hear quite a bit from while the Orange are ran off the Dome turf. (4-7)

Pittsburgh: And the season closes out with yet another L, because is there any time Syracuse ever beats Pitt in anything? (other than that one time) (4-8)


There you have it, Orange fans. Have problems with it? There are three better, more optimistic predictions coming your way this week.