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Syracuse Football predictions and prognostications begin rolling in

Predictions for Syracuse range from 3-9 to a bowl appearance.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 college football season is mere days away and we're in the heart of projection/prediction time.

We've already seen a few prognostications come in. Stewart Mandel sees a 3-9 season for the Syracuse Orange (which we consider the worst case scenario). We also know that the computers seem to have us in the 4-8/5-7 realm.

Bill C. at The Mothership lumped the Orange into his Tier 5 group, a.k.a. A Decent Bowl Is The Goal. That's pretty good all things considered. He's got us slightly behind NC State but slightly ahead of Duke. Boston College, UConn, and Wake Forest are all down in Tier 6. If you went by the way his rankings shake out, you'd come with a 5-7 finish for SU. I believe we will take that.

Sports on Earth doesn't think SU will make a bowl game but SBNation does, slotting the Orange against Indiana in the Quick Lane Bowl. We've never been happier to consider visiting Detroit.

In a bit of a different ranking, CBS Sports says Syracuse has the 7th-toughest non-conference schedule in the ACC (ND, UConn, USF, Colgate). You could probably quibble with a few other schools but this piece forced me to look at Wake Forest and Boston College's non-conference schedules and weep.

Wake (Tulane, Delaware, AT Indiana, Army)

BC (AT UMass, Wagner, Buffalo, UConn)

Make fun of them at your peril but if either of those teams are bowling this year, this is why.

More predictions to come, we're sure...