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Jim Boeheim wraps up in Rio, says pump the brakes on upcoming Orange season

The Syracuse coach provides one last recap from the Olympics and looks ahead to the 2016-2017 Syracuse squad.

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The 2016 Olympics are over. The U.S. men's basketball team has won gold. The Italian restaurants in Rio have all been dined at. There's only one thing left to do...for Jim Boeheim to write one more Olympic report. But will it be his last ever?

Boeheim was pleased to see Team USA play "our best game" in a 96-66 thrashing of Serbia. While many think it was all Coach K on the sidelines, Boeheim shares how he was able to have some influence and impact from his seat as well.

And working with Mike Krzyzewski has been a great, great thing. Even though we have a great friendship, it can be hard for coaches to work together over a long period of time. But we've had no conflicts. It's been a very smooth partnership.

He's listened to what I've had to say and, you know, he used some of it. Mike hasn't been afraid to listen and that has made it more rewarding for me because I've had a say in things.

Now it's time to return home and as soon as he does the 2016-2017 Syracuse Orange season will be upon us. Are we right to get excited about the potential? Ever the pessimist, Boeheim says taps the brakes.

I'm very eager to get to this season with this team. I like the possibilities, I do. On paper, we've got potential. But I think people are getting a little ahead of themselves. You know, we lost our three leading scorers (Mike Gbinije, 17.5 ppg; Malachi Richardson, 13.4 ppg; and Trevor Cooney, 12.9 ppg), so let's take a minute here and see if we get all of our stuff together.

Finally, Boeheim leaves us with a tantalizing thought. The idea of coaching in the 2020 Olympics seems unlikely. And yet...

But I'm coming home feeling good. One Olympics, OK. Two Olympics, maybe. But three Olympics? When this thing began, I never thought three would even be a possibility. And a fourth in 2020 in Tokyo? I'm not so sure about that.

But then, you never know. They might need an old guy to hang around.

Jim Boeheim and sushi? MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN.