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How did former Orange Michael Gbinije do in the 2016 Olympics?

Well, basketball is over in the Olympics. How did Michael Gbinije do in his first go-round?

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

After winning AfroBasket in 2015, Nigeria snagged an Olympic bid to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics games. Nobody expected Nigeria to qualify for the Olympics much in the same way that nobody believed Syracuse could make a post-season run in the NCAA Tournament this year. Just making the Olympics was a win for Nigeria. Did somebody say gravy?

Anyway, with the 2016 Olympic basketball games in the rearview, how did Syracuse alumnus (yes he's an alumnus now) Michael Gbinije fare?

In his first game against Argentina, Gbinije finished with six points, three assists, four rebounds and a steal in Nigeria's 94-66 loss against Manu Ginobili and company. Gbinije would not play against Lithuana in the next competition due to illness and Nigeria fell 0-2 in group play.

Gbinije would then return the following game against Spain and shot three-of-three from the field for seven points. He also hauled in a couple boards, an assist and steal. Nonetheless, Spain was too strong and bounced Nigeria 96-87. The Detroit Pistons draftee would follow that up with eight points on two-of-two shooting from long range, three assists, three rebounds as Nigeria stole a win against Croatia. The 90-76 win over the Croatians would prove to be the only victory in Nigeria's Olympic showing.

In his final game against Brazil, Gbinije finished with two points and three rebounds in an 86-69 loss. Although these numbers are far from his numbers at Syracuse, it's worth noting these are the world's best basketball players. It's impressive that Gbinije was able to go out and hold his own.

His play of the tournament was this drive and slam against Argentina.

And it should come as no surprise that broadcasters failing to do their due diligence are still butchering his name.

Didn't that guy play for Syracuse after transferring from Duke or something?