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#DixonForHaircut: Riley Dixon gets rookie treatment from Denver Broncos teammates

Syracuse legend Riley Dixon is officially an NFL rookie now that he's gotten his haircut.

Riley Dixon

Man. Myth. Icon. Punter. Puncher.

Riley Dixon is many things to many people. The former Syracuse Orange Heisman candidate can now officially be called an NFL rookie. The Denver Broncos draft pick and punter finally got the treatment that makes it official: The rookie haircut.

In a way, it's perfect. It's the Deal With It meme come to life, which is a bit like Dixon's Heisman campaign last season.

Next time Riley fakes a punt and runs for an 80-yard-touchdown, which should be any day now, he best rip off his helmet to reveal that piece of art lurking underneath. He'll get a penalty but it'll be worth it.

Deal with it, NFL refs.