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Filed under: profiles Eric Dungey’s close ties to his brother

A cool feature on Eric and his brother Matt, who’s stationed in Germany.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Mink published a pretty cool story on today. The piece profiles the close relationship of Syracuse Orange quarterback Eric Dungey and his brother Matt. Matt’s currently stationed as an infantryman in Vilseck, Germany, but the two remain close.

While they always seemed destined for different paths (Eric’s room was decorated with sports posters, while Matt’s was adorned with the Constitution), both respect the other’s respective pursuits and made time to indulge in them together.

Of course, like any brothers, they also got into their fair share of mischief. Knowing what we know about Eric, at least, the following nuggets shouldn’t surprise:

“Eric once took a hard turn in a golf cart, sending Matt hurtling down a hill into a creek. In Hawaii, they placed a dead fish on their older sister while she was tanning.”

A note to all sisters with two brothers (as was the case in my family as well). We never disliked you. We just wanted you to know we were there and that we knew you were the favorite of the family... even if the means weren’t always the “nicest.”


Both Matt and Eric take turns worrying about each other now. Matt’s job is clearly a dangerous one. And it’s hard for him to watch moments like the Central Michigan hit without being at least a little scared for the younger Eric’s safety. Still, they’re proud of their collective accomplishments in life. It’s a cool relationship, and a worthwhile read from Mink.