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Syracuse Basketball Recruiting: Andrew White Q&A with Kyle Kensing of Today's U

Hey look, it's another Andrew White article. At least we're not discussing Trevor Cooney's legacy.

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In the early stages of Andrew White's announcement to transfer from Nebraska for his final year of collegiate eligibility, Kyle Kensing of Today's U wrote a column discussing how Syracuse would be the best fit for the fifth-year senior.

To date, that still makes sense as Syracuse is in need of a shooter and depth at the guard position. For White, Syracuse would offer the best platform in terms of NBA visibility and is arguably the best team left on the board bidding for his services. With White, Syracuse could certainly boast a roster that's worthy of a Final Four bid.

With Louisville and Michigan State out of the running for White, Syracuse remains in the hunt along with Miami and VCU. White was also seen shooting around in the Richmond gym over summer giving belief that the Spiders are vying for White as well, but that hasn't been confirmed. As White's recruitment has been one of the major off-season story lines, we delved further into the topic with Kyle Kensing of Today's U.

TNIAAM: You've followed Andrew White's transfer process closely since his announcement to seek a new program for his final year of eligibility. Why the interest in White?

Kyle Kensing: White's transfer interests me because he's got a ton of NBA sleeper potential, and he's the type of guy who could push the team's he's considered over the top in terms of Final Four pursuit. Take Syracuse: you lose Malachi Richardson from a team that made the Final Four, but White immediately fills some of the void he left while bringing other skills to the table.

TNIAAM: In your latest piece you noted the difference between a high school recruit and a graduate transfer. How do you think the recruiting approach changes for programs a vice versa?

KK: High school recruits come in relatively blind to the process of college basketball and college in general. Sure, most will get some kind of education from people in their lives: family, older teammates, coaches. But nothing shared with a teenager secondhand can match firsthand experience.

A player like White's been through this process more than once. He knows the reality of the game and the business that goes into college basketball.

TNIAAM: What do you think White brings to the table that the casual fan might not be aware of?

KK: White plays the wing and he has a silky jumper, but he's got a physicality to his game that I find deceptive. In a way, it reminds me somewhat of Kris Jenkins at Villanova. Their body types are different, but White's the same kind of guy who likes to step out and shoot the three, but has no hesitation getting into the paint.

TNIAAM: Lastly, where do you think White ultimately ends up?

KK: I'd be lying if I gave off the impression I had any information on this, so I want to downplay that as much as possible. I genuinely believe Syracuse would be the best fit for him, having just the one year and the kind of role he'd fill. I also feel like his style of play really meshes well with what Will Wade's doing at VCU. However, VCU feels the furthest away of the three from being able to make a really serious run at a national title run in the coming season.


In the interim, the waiting game ensues. Be sure to give Kyle a follow @kensing45 and to check out his work as well. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.