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Syracuse Athletics yard sale: What'd y'all get?

Orange fans picked up a bunch of Cuse gear at the Syracuse Athletics yard sale. Share your haul here.


FanFest was cancelled but the Syracuse Athletics yard sale went off without a hitch. Well, perhaps the only hitch is that so many people wanted to get their hands on that Syracuse Orange gear that the crowds were described as "total chaos."

The offerings ranged from game-used sneakers to game-worn football jerseys to game-worn just about everything else. So let's find out what those who made it inside were able to take with them.

Sidenote: The most fascinating thing in the sale was the fact that, while SU is not allowed to sell jerseys with current player names on them, they are allowed to sell jerseys with names of players who transferred and are still playing. So you could buy an A.J. Long jersey with "Long" on the back and that's totally cool. Reminder: The NCAA is dumb.

Did you have a good haul that we didn't include? Take a pic and show off your new Cuse wares (or wears, as it were).