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Buy the house #BRAND built: Daryl Gross's DeWitt home asking $649K

Daryl Gross is headed back to Cali and his Syracuse-area home is on the market

Coldwell Banker Prime Properties, Inc

Former Syracuse Orange athletic director DOCTOR Daryl Gross is off to warmer places now that he's Executive Director for Athletics at Cal State-Los Angeles. As such, it's time to move on from the place he's called home for over a decade and the DeWitt house he and his family have lived in since 2005 is on the market asking $649,000.'s Jacob Pucci profiled it as House of the Week and got some closing thoughts from DOC about his longtime home.

"You really know your neighbors," Daryl Gross said, counting Onondaga County Executive Joanne Mahoney and former Syracuse men's lacrosse star Greg Burns among them.

The neighborhood, which Daryl Gross described as a "cul-de-sac on steroids," reminds him of where he grew up in California, but with a more intimate feel and slower pace of life, he said.

As for that house, it's described in the listing as a "former model home." Looks like the Gross's are fans of one of my personal pet peeves in real estate listings, Signs That Tell You What To Do In Your Own House. There's a "Laugh" sign in the kitchen and "Cheers" above the front door. I'll let it slide so long as there isn't a sign in the laundry that says "Laundry." Overall, nice place though. I'm a sucker for stone fireplaces and lots of wood. Also, I've seen apartments smaller than that master bath.

As for Syracuse-y touches, Gross keeps two SU helmets and a Pinstripe Bowl football above his TV. I also spied a Syracuse helmet in the room off to the left of the foyer that I don't think we get to see. That must be his office, which included a ton of memorabilia.

The office is home to much of Daryl Gross' memorabilia, including three of his most important pieces: A poster from the movie "The Express", a panoramic photograph inside the Carrier Dome on Feb. 1, 2014, when a record 35,446 fans came to watch the Orange men's basketball team eke out a win over rival Duke and a signed Roger Federer tennis racket, a 50th birthday present from former Syracuse women's tennis coach Luke Jensen.

Also, looks like there's a couple stadium seats randomly in the sitting room. From old Yankee Stadium, it looks like. Guessing Brandon Steiner might have had the hook-up on that.

According to records, Gross bought the home in 2005 for $628,000.