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Jim Boeheim dislikes Donald Trump & Brazilian steakhouses

Jim Boeheim finally shares his opinion on Donald Trump and works in the opinion on local fare you've all been waiting for.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I don't know if Jim Boeheim has a minimum word count when it comes to his Olympic check-ins. For the most part he seems to spend a lot of time breaking down the most recent opponent, gives some insight into the team, and then caps things with an anecdote about the cruise ship he's staying on or how there's no problems in Rio (while he goes everywhere surrounded by armed guards).

But sooner or later, you just felt like it was coming, right? You just knew Jim wasn't going to be able to help himself. He was going to drop some thoughts on the 2016 Presidential election. Boeheim picks his spots carefully when it comes to politics. He most-famously used the spotlight of his 900th win to talk about gun control. As far as I can tell he's been radio silent on this election so far. That is, until his most recent check-in on

You don't see the news down here. Not much, anyway. So we don't talk a lot about Donald Trump. But I will say that it's a sad state of affairs that he could be running for president.

He appeals to a certain radicalized part of the country that basically hates everything that's going on, without reason. I hope, and think, that when we vote in November the American people will wake up and there will be the greatest landslide in our nation's political history.

Look, I'm just gonna put that there and walk away. You do what you gotta do in the comments. Might I suggest buying a t-shirt if you'd prefer.

One thing I've been disappointed about in Boeheim's 2016 updates is his lack of food discussion. We could usually count on Jim to share his opinions on the local cuisine and underlying disgust for anything he wasn't familiar with.

Finally, Jim delivered.

I've been out for dinner once, and it was good. An Italian place. The restaurants in Rio are pretty much either seafood or steak. I've been to Brazilian steak houses and they bring you 26 different kinds of meat, but I don't like 18 of them. So the Italian was good.

The Trump stuff is going to get play but honestly this is the money paragraph right here. Boeheim goes to South America and, instead of sampling local cuisine, decides that because he's been to a couple Brazilian steakhouses in America that he's seen all he's gonna see, and then just goes to an Italian restaurant instead for what I assume was chicken parm.

Forget asking when Jim Boeheim will retire, we need to ask why he's allowed to retire.