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Syracuse football: Some alternative options to “Annihilate Gate”

SU went with “Annihilate Gate” for its week one slogan; we had other ideas.

Along with partner Driver’s Village today, the Syracuse Orange unveiled the season’s first game-themed button, referencing week one opponent Colgate:

They went with “Annihilate Gate” — which rhymes, so that’s cool. But doesn’t “annihilate” seem a bit harsh? Colgate’s an FCS team. That’s what we’re supposed to do them anyway, even if we don’t explicitly say it.

Since we couldn’t leave well enough alone here a TNIAAM, we went and designed some alternative buttons for Syracuse to consider, along the same general line of thinking. My personal choice would’ve been “WHOdoo?” but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Harsher Division

Sounds meaner, right? Still rhymes, though, so that’s a plus.

Less Harsh Division

Losses are agitating, and that’s what we want to hand Colgate. This seems politer and more collegial.

Literal Division

Syracuse is a private school, so they’re not telling us how much they’re paying Colgate. But they ARE paying Colgate to play this game. ‘Gate is an abbreviation for Colgate, as you well know. So both of these check out.

Toothpaste Joke Division

What would this regional “rivalry” be without some toothpaste jokes at the expense of Colgate? It’s not our fault they share a name with a popular brand of teeth-care product. The jokes are too easy to ignore.

The “If DOCTOR Gross was still in charge” Division

“Has a nice ring to it, no? Let’s go with this one!”


Endless possibilities on this one, obviously. Feel like making your own spirit button? We’ve left a blank template for you below. Have at it.