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What non-geographic or alumni-related reason did you become a Syracuse fan?

We’re looking for the weirdest road to rooting for the Orange

NCAA Men's Final Four Semifinal - Syracuse v North Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

I’m a Syracuse Orange fan because I attended Syracuse University. It’s really that simple. I didn’t like Syracuse growing up (we’ve documented this) and I probably wouldn’t have liked Syracuse had I made the terrible decision to go to Penn State instead. But I did, and I do, and there you go.

Obviously there are a lot of Syracuse fans like me and there are a lot of Syracuse fans who grew up in Central New York and just became fans out of geographic loyalty.

But what about the rest of you? Who has a weird or non sequitor story for how they ended up rooting for the Orange? Who is the weirdo who grew up in Arizona and somehow ended up following Jim Boeheim’s squad fervently from afar? What random sequence of events led to a person completely unrelated from SU and SU sports to become a die-hard?

Maybe you became a Syracuse fan because a family member went there. Maybe you became a Syracuse fan because you were surrounded by Georgetown fans and wanted to be a good person. Maybe you just flipped a coin and here you are.

Share you stories below.

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