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Andrew White III Sweepstakes: MSU Out, Richmond & VCU In, Miami Next

Michigan State is out of the running for Andrew White, but don't get too excited just yet Orange fans.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange basketball fans figured once Taurean Thompson finally picked SU they were done fretting over an impending decision by a player that seemed to be taking a long time. Turns out that was just the first one.

Andrew White III has been making the rounds as he tries to figure out where he would like to play his final year of eligibility after transferring from the Nebraska Cornhuskers a couple months back. He took a visit to Syracuse early last month and it sounded like it went well. Then he took a visit to Michigan State and the Orange faithful figured it was going to come down to one of us.

If that is the case, advantage Orange.

Don't get too excited just yet, SU fans. White, who is from Richmond, VA, was spotted this weekend by Spider Hoop Blog visting the Richmond Spiders.

This would be the second-worst thing Richmond has ever done to Syracuse. reports that the VCU Rams are also making inroads with White as well.

On one hand, if White values being close to home and an opportunity to be the clear No. 1 option on his team, Richmond or VCU make sense.

On the other hand, if White wants to play in televised games, be part of an ACC squad, and try to turn NBA scouts' heads, Syracuse makes sense.

But of course, White could find a balance if he decides he likes what he sees today when he visits the Miami Hurricanes.

With so many visits and notifications coming so quickly, you could assume a decision is coming soon. Or maybe not. Who the hell knows.