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Syracuse Football: Orange Schedule Middle Tennessee for September 9, 2017


Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange scheduled a future non-conference football game.

I KNOW! Seemed impossible, but nearly a year from the last confirmed date (with Wisconsin...), Syracuse Athletics has locked up an opponent for an upcoming year.

SU will host the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders on September 9, 2017. It's the third confirmed game for 2017, along with Central Michigan (September 16) and a road game at LSU (September 23). That leaves one spot left -- the opener -- which will probably be filled with an FCS squad.

Syracuse points out that this is the Orange's first game against a current Conference USA opponent, which seems odd until you realize what a revolving door that league's membership has been over the years. As Dan and I mentioned on last month's C-USA preview podcast, most would be hard-pressed to name every member of that conference. While we haven't faced MTSU in football before, we played them fairly recently in basketball, which led to us needing to do some apologizing to America.

Obviously getting some future scheduling done makes me extremely happy. As you're all well aware I've been harping on the program's inability to lock up future opponents for years. Admittedly, when evaluating Syracuse's potential 2017 opponents, I didn't have Middle Tennessee on the short list, if only because the Blue Raiders already play power conference opponents Vanderbilt and Minnesota that year. So much I know...


The Orange are very likely to have seven home games in 2017, with six already confirmed. SU will host MTSU, Central Michigan, Boston College, Clemson, Pittsburgh and Wake Forest.

That's one, SU! Now get 22 more through 2024.