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Syracuse Football: Orange Open With 75-to-1 Odds to Win ACC

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And they're 50-to-1 to win the Atlantic Division...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas is now taking bets on college football conference championships. Today, Bovada released odds for all 10 FBS leagues, plus divisions -- including the ACC.

The Syracuse Orange open with 75-to-1 odds to win the ACC, and a 50-to-1 chance to take the Atlantic division. Those don't put SU in last, but they're not very high on the list either. Full odds for the conference and division below:


  • Clemson: 3/2
  • Florida State: 9/4
  • Miami: 9/1
  • Louisville: 10/1
  • North Carolina: 10/1
  • Pittsburgh: 14/1
  • Virginia Tech: 14/1
  • Georgia Tech: 16/1
  • NC State: 20/1
  • Duke: 40/1
  • Syracuse: 75/1
  • Virginia: 75/1
  • Wake Forest: 75/1
  • Boston College: 100/1


  • Clemson: 10/11
  • Florida State: 5/4
  • Louisville: 6/1
  • NC State: 14/1
  • Boston College: 40/1
  • Syracuse: 50/1
  • Wake Forest: 50/1

Syracuse is tied for sixth in the Atlantic with Wake, trailing Boston College by a bit, and NC State by a whole lot more (sure!). In the overall conference odds, the Orange are tied for 11th with Wake Forest and Virginia. Boston College has the longest odds of all at 100-to-1. Not sure how that works given the divisional odds, but whatever...

As you'll recall, SU opened with an over/under of four wins back in May. That put them last in the ACC, but also didn't factor in conference wins (just overall).

Definitely an upward climb for Syracuse, but a manageable one too. The Orange kick off against Colgate on Friday, September 2.