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Syracuse Hires ESPN's John Wildhack as New AD: Reactions & Quotes

It's pretty universal: Everyone is happy with SU's hire of John Wildhack.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange have a new athletic director: John Wildhack. The ESPN lifer is a Syracuse University alum and leaves behind a pretty cushy, well-paid gig to run SU's sports programs. What does everyone think about this?

ESPN head honcho John Skipper released a statement:

He will be sorely missed by me and so many others, but the opportunity to go home to Syracuse, a place he has always loved, is a splendid next chapter in a distinguished career in sports media. Our loss is Syracuse’s gain, but the good news is that John will remain a member of our extended business circle.

Dino Babers released a quote as part of SU's statement:

"John doesn't shy away from taking risks, and he's always pushing his teams to be the first and the best. I expect John to be a catalyst for much growth and success in the future. I'm eager to welcome someone of his caliber to the Syracuse Athletics team and I am certain we will accomplish great things — both on and off the field."

Jim Boeheim has chimed in and said he's not only happy with the hiring but that he already has a working relationship with his new boss:

"The connection with Syracuse is good, but he's got great management experience and he's done a lot of different things. It's not just working with people, but he's solidified a lot of things in the sports world. He's got the management aspect and the sports which I think is crucial to me and the fact that he is a Syracuse guy and wants to be here and will be here is a positive, a great positive."

Brent Axe says that while Wildhack's SU connection isn't the only reason to hire him, it benefits him and the school greatly because he knows the lay of the land.

Wildhack won't have to come and do a listening tour like Coyle and 'get to know' the University and how the area ticks.

Wildhack didn't just want an athletic director job. He wanted this job.

Wildhack can come in and hit the ground running. He has skin in the game at a place he loves and wants to help make better because it is Syracuse, not just another link in the chain.

Plenty of ESPN and sports media folks seemed to think the move will be good, or at the very least interesting: