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Introducing: Jim Boeheim, Real Estate Mogul

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The Hall-of-Famer is entering the housing business.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Jim Boeheim is a man of many talents. World famous basketball coach? Obviously. Fashion icon? Of course. But now Coach Boeheim has taken on a new venture and entered the lucrative business of off-campus student housing.

Boeheim signed on as an investor of the new apartment building #BLVD404 back in 2015, and has since been the poster child of the project. The six-story building holds 54 apartments and room for 163 SU students. The building will also have a lounge dedicated to the 40-year coach of the Syracuse Orange.

The "Jim Boeheim Hall of Fame Lounge" in the building's main floor is expected feature Boeheim-related memorabilia including one of his jackets and pieces of hardwood from the Carrier Dome used during Syracuse's 2003 National Championship run.

And that's about it. The lounge is the only thing connecting Boeheim to the new housing, and that's just not right. If Jim Boeheim is going to do something, you best believe Syracuse students are going to want it done big. Give me wall-to-wall orange in the apartments. Give me a podium in the bathroom to brush my teeth at. Give me a dart board with Kaleb Joseph's (or name your other doghouse player here's) face on it. I want to live as the Boeheim do.

The new complex will start hosting students in the fall, and over 75 percent of the apartments have already been claimed.

What else would you put in your Boeheim apartment?