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Syracuse Football: Dino Babers Rose Like a Phoenix From the Ashes After Texas A&M Demotion

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The head coach sat down with "Championship Drive" host Ivan Maisel to talk about coaching experiences and transition to Syracuse.

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Syracuse Orange head coach Dino Babers made the media rounds at ESPN during Day Two of the ACC Coaches' "Car Wash." One of his stops was with Ivan Maisel on the "Championship Drive" podcast in which he discussed his coaching experience at Texas A&M, taking what he learned from there and applying it to each successive gig leading to the start of his tenure here at Syracuse.

One of the most interesting talking points that Babers and Maisel went on about was how he was demoted from offensive coordinator at A&M three weeks into his second season on the job. The team had mustered only 21 points over the second and third game before R.C. Slocum relieved him of his play-calling duties:

"Emotionally it was some rough times, but I really think it mended me. I think it shaped me into who I am today. Almost like the phoenix, from all those ashes, something else was reborn from that."

"I think I needed some serious spiritual help, brother. It took a while (to move on). I think it really didn't turn around until I let go and started forgetting, realized that things happen for a reason and I needed to move on."

Babers said that as a head coach, he can see how strenuous it can be in Slocum's position. He credits Slocum for shaping his outlook on life:

"I just look at life differently. I look at challenges differently. And I really have to thank R.C. Slocum..."

If it hadn't been for that reality check in 2002, who knows where Babers would've been right now? As the old adage goes, everything in life happens for a reason.