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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Remain High on Radar For Key Recruits

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Quade Green and Brandon Randolph have their pick of the litter of college programs and the Orange are holding strong in the race to sign them.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse is still in the hunt for two major recruits that could be game changers out of the class of 2017.

Five-star point guard Quade Green and four-star shooting guard Brandon Randolph both cut their lists of college choices over the weekend, and both still have Syracuse on their mind.

Green's choices were cut to thirteen schools (Syracuse, Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Temple, Louisville, Seton Hall, Xavier, Georgetown, Arizona, Villanova, Maryland, and Virginia), while Randolph is down to his final twelve schools (Miami, Alabama, Louisville, Arizona, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Xavier, Syracuse, Indiana, Oregon, Kansas, and Wake Forest).

While it's still very early in the recruiting process for these players, the fact that they are eliminating choices but are still considering Syracuse can only be looked at as a good sign for the Orange. These are two players that can potentially see playing time immediately in their freshman seasons, and it will be interesting if that plays a factor in to their college decisions.

Here is a look at Green:

And here is a look at Randolph: