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If You Had to Replace an ACC School With a G5 School, Who Would You Choose?

A hypothetial question for a bit of fun.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As conference realignement has heated up against, there are plenty of hypothetical questons being bandied about by those of us not directly affected. One such hypothetical came up over on Reddit last week.

Fans of Power 5 Teams: replace one team in your conference with a G5 team *that makes sense regionally*

That got us thinking about the ACC version of this question. If you were going to get rid of one ACC school, who would it be? And then, which Group of Five school would you slot in to their place. Do you focus on football or do you try to improve ACC basketball even further? Do you secure another Southern school or try to even things out a bit up North?

Let's see what everyone thinks.

John Cassillo

I guess the answer's trade Wake Forest out for UConn? I don't want this, mind you. But from a "culture fit" perspective, it would make the most sense to further entrench the league in its northern corridor a bit. It wouldn't help football at all, but I'm not sure it would really hurt either. And basketball would get even more challenging. As much as we dislike the Huskies, is there really another G5 team that works for this league?

Kevin Wall

Drop: Boston College Add: UConn When you have a school that wins 0 conference games in football and basketball in a year, they should be the school you replace. BC has a couple of ACCCG appearances, but not a lot to show for the first decade in the conference. No one's going to shed a tear for them, especially when you replace them with another team in New England - one that is going to add to the basketball profile of the league.

Sean Keeley

Since it's hypothetical, I'm going to look at this from a purely Syracuse point of view. What kind of move benefits us? The problem is that there aren't too many clear schools you can boot out of the conference. Most everyone provides something of value one way or another. I know Boston College has fallen off a cliff but they're still a good rival for us and they're bound to get better. I guess I'm going to have to give Wake Forest the boot as they're the most likely to be bad in football and mediocre in basketball. As for who I'd replace them with, the Connecticut Huskies are the obvious choice. A great rival for the Orange, they also balance out the North/South structure of the new ACC.

Now it's your turn. Who would you boot and who would you invite? Is there anyone other than UConn who even makes sense?