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The Untouchables 91 - Boeheim's Army 82: Hot Shooting Propels Pitt Past Syracuse

Pitt did it again...


With a win last weekend over the North Broad Street Bullies, Boeheim's Army set up what was sure to be an instant classic against the Untouchables in the Super 16. The former Syracuse Orange players were able to survive Sunday's contest but ultimately the former Pittsburgh players were too strong from outside winning the contest 91-82.

Boeheim's Army found itself down 11-4 early and would end up fighting the entire first half from behind. As the half was coming to a close the team let up a 12 point lead but went on a 6-0 run to go into the half down 40-34. Jermaine Dixon scored 17 points in the first half. In the second, Boeheim's Army was able to take the lead briefly at 46-45 but the Untouchables stayed hot from deep and quickly surged back.

Eric Devendorf took over by hitting a three followed by a floater while getting fouled to cut the lead to nine. Boeheim's Army cut it to five and forced a turnover but two misses at the free throw line by Hakim Warrick proved to be costly.

Ultimately the Untouchables were too strong on the offensive end. When Boeheim's Army went man Levance Field was too troublesome in the pick and roll. When the Army went zone the former Pitt guys knocked down threes and crashed the offensive boards.

If it were any consolation, Darryl Watkins had the highlight of the night when he threw down an aggressive slam with alacrity off a feed from Willie Deane.

Devendorf lead Boeheim's Army in scoring again with 18 while Warrick and Willie Deane had 14 and 13 respectively. Dixon lead all scorers with 22 points. The Army's run is now over but here's to hoping for a strong showing next summer.