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The 14 Pokemon You'll Catch at ACC Football Kickoff This Week

Clickbait? What's that.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC Football Kickoff (aka media days) begins tomorrow, July 21, down in Charlotte, N.C. There's plenty of interesting things going on with regard to the actual sport, its teams and some players. But chances are if you're going, you're also going to be playing Pokemon Go while you're there.

The handy guide below tells you exactly which ones will be on-site. And specifically, which ones may have some similarities to the ACC's 14 teams.

Boston College Eagles

Some of the lowest attack stats in the original game, Pidgey's a lot like Boston College. They're birds. You see them both sitting around the neighborhood and know you have to interact. You just don't want to.

Clemson Tigers

Strong, and not afraid to tell you all about it. Like Clemson's offense, Machamp has more than the normal amount of weapons, and can hurt you with them. Machamp has the word "champ" in its name, which is appropriate-ish for the defending ACC titleholders.

Duke Blue Devils

Blue, endearing to some and one of the original favorites in the game. Squirtle and Duke's similarities probably stop there. If you pick either to start the game, you're susceptible to getting hurt by electric types for eternity. I'd put David Cutcliffe's face on this mock-up, but fear the results.

Florida State Seminoles

It always seemed like Mewtwo was the boss at the end of the original generation, even if there were better Pokemon on paper. Florida State may follow a similar track this year, as the hype is on Clemson yet FSU's may actually be better situated to represent the ACC in the College Football Playoff.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

This one's pretty easy. Bees. There's no car Pokemon, otherwise perhaps you go that route instead? I don't feel like this needs to be explained any further.

Louisville Cardinals

This works, right? Charmander was always a feistier character in the original show, but rarely got the credit of some of the other characters. Louisville follows a similar path more often than not in terms of the larger ACC story because of the division they play in. I also feel like Bobby Petrino would be Charmander if he were a Pokemon.

Miami Hurricanes

Big ghost just sitting in the room reminding everyone that it's a ghost. So, yeah, that seems to be a pretty big selling point for Gengar and Miami as kindred spirits (pun intended).

NC State Wolfpack

Dogs. Growlithe was a pretty loyal and loud dog in the show, and while his main form's alright, his evolved form (Arcanine) is much more powerful. NC State's one of a ton of teams in the ACC that could be really strong... if it evolved. Growlithe was also used as a police dog in the show. NC State likes to point at UNC for wrongdoing.

North Carolina Tar Heels

There are sooooo many better teams and Pokemon than UNC and Pikachu. Yet, through it all, the focus is always on them before every other element's discussed. That's both a fact and a knock on both. There are still a lot of people falling over themselves for both entities.

Pittsburgh Panthers

Admittedly, Pitt bores me. Persian, the lame evolution of the more entertaining Meowth, also bores me. They're cats. Pitt may be the most "Team Rocket" member of the ACC. That's all I've got.

Syracuse Orange

Jolteon's base stats are the fastest in the old game (in terms of attack speed). Syracuse's new offense COULD be the fastest in the ACC if Dino Babers takes hold quickly enough. People aren't sprinting into Central Park for a Jolteon... yet. But they could be.

Virginia Cavaliers

"Sleeping giant" meet literal sleeping giant. Snorlax can't get out of its own way, and the same can be said of Virginia over the course of recent years. Being big in a talent-rich state sounds awesome. Making bad hires does not. The decisions of Bronco Mendenhall will decide whether this changes for the Hoos.

Virginia Tech Hokies

Angry-looking bird meet woodsy Blacksburg-based birds. Maybe Virginia Tech's identity is a little less dynamic than Dodrio under Frank Beamer. But a fast, aggressive, three-headed turkey/ostrich just sounds like the right match for Justin Fuente's group.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

A bird with a stick. That's all Farfetch'd is, really. And maybe that's all Wake Forest is too. They'll hang out in the woods, toss the aforementioned stick around and occasionally badger a passerby. "Farfetched" is also a good way to describe Wake's ability to contend in the ACC this year.


Certainly more Pokemon will be crawling around Charlotte. But hopefully this gets you started during ACC Football Kickoff. Feel like any other Pokemon are more likely attendees? Share your (likely better photoshops) images below.