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The Boeheim's Army Ringer: Whittling Down The Possibilities

We can make some obvious cuts when it comes to figuring out who Boeheim's Army's Ringer is.

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Yesterday we put it to you guys to see who you hoped the Boeheim's Army ringer might be and you had some very clear choices.


Now, hoping and expecting are two different things. So how can we whittle down the list to make an informed choice?

Well let's start by eliminating some people. As much as you might want to see Dion Waiters playing in Philly with his fellow Orange, that seems insane. At least, if his agent allows him to play in this tournament in the midst of a free agency run, he should be fired. I can't imagine he would do it.

There's been rumblings about Jonny Flynn but Terrence Roberts seemed to put the kibosh on that by saying Flynn has retired from basketball. I went to Flynn's Wikipedia page to confirm this and while it remains unclear, I did come across this insane final entry that is 100 percent fake but also 1000 percent hilarious (especially given the effort put in).

jonny flynn

Also, Donte Greene was supposed to show up last weekend but couldn't for reasons TBD so we can assume it's not him because they've already been in contact and he was already on the stated roster.

Kevin Belbey told Donna Ditota that the ringer is definitely a former SU player who has been wanting to play for Boeheim's Army for the last two years. The implication seems to eliminate Trevor Cooney as it would be someone who could have played last year.

Belbey also says that it's someone who wanted to play last year but couldn't, so we can eliminate Demetris Nichols, who did play for the squad last year.

Also, the fact that the ringer discussion went down on Monday says to me that this was someone who was unavailable previously but is now available. That speaks strongly to someone to was involved in the NBA Summer League.

That screams James Southerland to me, which makes a lot of sense. Southie was playing for the Washington Wizards up until last week. Now that league and contract is over and the former Syracuse sharp-shooter is free until August when he'll assuredly make his way to Europe to play ball. It's also worth noting that a good shooter is exactly what Boeheim's Army needs.

Also, and this is random, but Southerland's Wikipedia page had his Boeheim's Army inclusion noted yesterday. It's since been removed. I'll assume that was wishful thinking on someone's part, but, you know...

So if we're placing bets, Southie is my pick. Though it would make sense to also consider the possibility of Kris Joseph or Andy Rautins.

I know a lot of people want it to be Gerry McNamara but, I'm sorry, I really don't see Jim Boeheim giving Gerry a full summer weekend off (two if the team advances) from recruiting. You're talking about a guy who forced Rick Pitino to recruit on his wedding night. It's wishful thinking (which I will gladly take back if it is him).

We're expected to fnd out who the ringer is some time Thursday before the game, but the speculation sure is fun and just one more layer to add to Syracuse Orange fan excitement covering this squad.