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Syracuse Basketball: Things That Took Less Time Than Taurean Thompson's Decision

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At least it's finally over.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

On May 4, 2016, Taurean Thompson told us he had narrowed his list of schools to three: Syracuse, Seton Hall and Michigan State. The end seemed near. Thompson had repeatedly said he didn't want to make a decision until the spring, and we had already waited so long to see where the 6-9 power forward was going. Instead, Syracuse fans got two months of silence. Not only did Thompson not make a decision, but we heard almost nothing from him. That "decision in the spring" came in July, 58 days after we were told who the finalists were.

Thompson had the right to wait as long as he wanted to decide on a school; it is an extremely important choice to make. But that's still a really long time to keep us all waiting. To prove just how long, here's a list of things that didn't last as long as Taurean Thompson's college decision:

The Relevancy of the Film "Believeland"

The 30 for 30 premiered on May 14, and the Cavs won it all on June 19. Those poor directors worked so hard on it, too.

At Least 10 Wars

According to this list of the 10 shortest wars of all-time, even the 42-day-long Falklands War (which was No. 10 on the list) didn't take as long as Thompson. In fact, the five shortest wars combined still took less time. People have gotten angry enough to go to war and then settled their differences in less time than it took Thompson to choose where to dunk at for the next couple years.

My Viewing Of Every Episode of Breaking Bad

It isn't a month and a half that I'm proud of, but it is a month and a half that happened.

The Presidency of William Henry Harrison

The ninth President's month in office came to an end when he died of pneumonia. He was the first president to die in office, but at least he didn't have to read all the "When will Taurean Thompson decide" posts Syracuse sports writers could squeeze out.

Dennis Rodman's Marriage To Carmen Electra

Rodman filed for an annulment nine days after marrying Electra in Las Vegas, saying he was of unsound mind when he made his vows.

A Trip To Mars says if you launched NASA's fastest spacecraft to Mars when the red planet was closest to Earth, it would only take 39 days to get there.

The point is, maybe next time Thompson could just make a pros and cons list and try to figure it out a little sooner. (Still, happy to have him!)