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Syracuse Basketball: Boeheim's Army Big on Current Orange Squad

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Boeheim's Army scrimmaged against next season's Syracuse basketball team and came away impressed.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

To get ready for The Basketball Tournament, members of Boeheim's Army competed in a game against the 2016-17 Syracuse Orange basketball squad, and they had some good things to say to about the future for Coach Boeheim and company.

Former Orange guard Eric Devendorf was particularly optimistic, saying that this was one of the biggest and most athletic teams he's seen in awhile. He also stated that, "if they can add that guy from Nebraska [Andrew White] they can become national championship contenders."

Both Devendorf and Terrance Roberts praised Tyus Battle.

"He's the most impressive to me," said Roberts of Battle. "He'll be starting in my opinion."

They had good things to say about Taurean Thompson's talent, but suggested he's going to need a little time to develop before he can really be special. Matthew Moyer seemed to need the most work according to Roberts and Devendorf.

Pascal Chukwu made an impression on Devendorf, who went so far as to call him "intimidating." Offensively, Roberts stated that Chukwu wasn't providing much outside of dunks and lobs currently, but praised his defensive skills as well. 

And the most improved player? They christened Frank Howard with that honor. Both Devendorf and Roberts noticed his poise has improved and his confidence.

Devendorf also suggested that Tyler Lydon has added some muscle and is working towards a stronger attack to the basket.

It's great to hear these guys praise everyone all around. Based on their comments, it seems Syracuse might be poised for a really good season next year.