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Boeheim's Army's Syracuse Alumni Get One More Shot at Pitt

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With Boeheim's Army set to play the Untouchables in the Super 16, the guys reflected on their playing days at Syracuse.

The Syracuse Orange have traditionally struggled against the Pittsburgh Panthers. The Orange were 0-3 in the 2015-2016 basketball season against Jamie Dixon's team, 0-2 in the 2014-2015 season and needed a Tyler Ennis buzzer beater to beat them in 2014.

Hey, no hard feelings. But after going 15-6 against Jim Boeheim during his tenure, good riddance, Dixon.

With a Super 16 matchup now set between Boeheim's Army and the Untouchables -- a team filled with former Pittsburgh players -- Brandon Triche and C.J. Fair reminisced on their Syracuse playing days following the team's win on Sunday.

"I know when I played, I'm not sure if we beat Pitt," Brandon Triche said. "No we beat 'em, I know I did," Fair interjected. "Our first time beating Pitt was your junior year. But we ain't beat em in like seven or eight years. Same with Louisville."

Fair was right. Syracuse beat Pitt in Triche's junior year 71-63 at home. The Orange also beat Pitt in 2013 in the final (as we knew it) Big East Tournament 62-59. That's the game where James Southerland went 6-6 from three point land and helped set up Syracuse vs. Georgetown in one last Big East showdown.

"But with Pittsburgh, you know, you always know what to expect with Pittsburgh. They have a tough team. They've got some bigs all over the court, big guards, big wings. So it's going to be a battle but we just got to want it more and fight it out," Fair concluded.

Boeheim's Army will certainly have work cut out for itself this Thursday. The guys will be squaring up against former All-Big East players Brad Wanamaker and Levance Fields as well as defensive stoppers like Talib Zanna and *insert Kemba Walker joke* Gary McGhee. The game will take place Thursday at Philadelphia University at 7 p.m. ESPN2 will televise the event in case you can't attend.