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How Could the New NCAA Tournament Changes Affect Syracuse Basketball?

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Change is coming!

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The NCAA announced a few changes for the upcoming 2016-17 basketball season and tournament, including a new committee chairman and changes in the seeding procedure. But the biggest change that will have the most visible impact is that the overall number one seed in the postseason now has the ability to choose the location of their first two games.

In a statement, the NCAA said the preferences of teams in contention for the number one overall seed would be gathered far in advance to Selection Sunday. Next season, the cities hosting the opening round are: Buffalo, N.Y.; Milwaukee; Orlando, Fla.; Salt Lake City; Greensboro N.C.; Indianapolis; Tulsa, Okla.; and Sacramento, Calif. 

How could this impact the Syracuse Orange basketball team? I don't want to be a #Disloyalidiot, but predicting Syracuse to be the number one overall seed next season seems far-fetched. If they were, however, one might assume the preference would be to stay close to home and play the first two games in Buffalo. 

This change may not directly impact Syracuse in the near future, but it could have the unintended consequences of shuffling some teams around. Let's say Villanova is the number one overall seed next year and Syracuse is also a one seed. Usually, one seeds get to stay pretty close to home. But if Villanova picks the closest location to them, then they head to Buffalo and Syracuse gets bumped somewhere further away. Can't wait to see Coach Jim Boeheim's reaction to that one!