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ESPN Will Launch ACC Network by August 2019, Grant of Rights Extended to 2036

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What shall we spend all of this sweet network money on?

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What did John Wildhack know and when did he know it?

You have to wonder what role, if any, the new Syracuse Orange AD might have played in the news that The ACC Network is officially happening and will launch by 2019.

Perhaps this was The Network To Be Named Later in the trade for Wildhack.

UPDATE: John Ourand reports that a digital-only version will actually launch later this year.

Luke DeCock at The News & Observer basically said this was coming earlier in the day so it's not a huge shock. You have to figure a full announcement is coming

The ACC’s current deal with ESPN runs through 2026-27 but has since been substantially eclipsed by the Big Ten and SEC. In May, Swofford said launching an ACC cable channel would likely be necessary to close that financial gap. "That’s why ESPN is in the discussions with us," Swofford said. "They like to make money, too. And we like to make money, as well."

The Grant of Rights extension also ensures that no one else pulls a Maryland and high-tails it out of here. What it does is guarantee that if a school leaves for another league, that school’s media rights and revenue for all home games would remain with the ACC and not go with it.


(Wait, will the ACC Network do well in an environment where people are increasingly cutting cable out of their lives?)

(Good question.)

Start thinking about what kind of Syracuse-themed TV shows you want to see and they'll be more to come on this for sure.