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Boeheim's Army Switches Second Half Strategy, Dominates Basketball City 87-59

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Boeheim's Army was able to get on the break in the second half to pull away for an 87-59 victory.

Boeheim's Army wasted no time getting on the score board as Willie Deane hit a three from the right wing to start the game. Just possessions later, Hakim Warrick dunked on all of Basketball City to give the team a 10-2 lead. "I just wanted to show 'em I still got it. I only got a few a game but I can still get up there," Warrick said of his dunk after the win.

It looked like Boeheim's Army was going to take the game early but a quick rebuttal from Basketball City proved it wouldn't be that easy. Ultimately the team of former Syracuse Orange players won 87-59, but the team only took a five point lead into the half.

In the second half Eric Devendorf knocked down a quick three to give the team an added cushion, one that it would continue to build in the second half.

"I though we did a good job of rotating and closing out [on shooters] in the second half and controlling the boards and getting out on the fast break to get some easy baskets," Ryan Blackwell said after the victory.

The team was able to build its largest lead of 30 points in the second half by playing better defense and taking better advantage of run outs than it did in the first half. So what was that emphasis at half time?

"I thought we got a little stagnant, kind of standing around and going one-on-one so that was part of the emphasis [at half], control the boards still, get out, play better defense, more energy and that showed," Coach Blackwell said.

It showed indeed, but how much coaching is involved at this level when the entire roster has played professionally?

"Oh it's all coaching," Blackwell said jokingly before segueing to a more serious tone. "We put in an offensive system but I'm just kind of guiding them along. It's my job to put the guys in and sub and call out plays when I deem necessary. But these guys, like I told them, the offense is there but they're the ones that create and make plays."

The guys certainly made more than enough plays in the second half. The team advances to play North Broad Street Bullies tomorrow at 4:15 p.m.