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Syracuse Basketball Transfer Target Andrew White Will Visit Michigan State

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Syracuse would love to add White to it's 2016-2017 roster but it looks like they'll be competing with the Spartans for his services.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange fans look at the 2016-2017 squad and see a roster that's about 90 percent operational. We've got reasonable depth at each spot for the first time in a while and there are underclassmen and upperclassmen both ready to contribute.

You know what would really push things over the edge? If Syracuse were able to add an experienced guard who can shoot three-pointers and be another go-to scorer when needed.

That person is Andrew White III, the grad transfer from Nebraska who has the Orange on his shortlist of destinations.

White visited Syracuse a few weeks back and said he "had a really good visit with my parents and that "the coaches seem to have a pretty good playing situation, along with a chance to win big.'' That sounds good, right? It does, but it's not quite a commitment.

So Syracuse fans will be on pins and needles as they wait to hear what happens when White visits the Michigan State Spartans this weekend.

The Orange and Spartans have become recruiting "buddies" in recent weeks. SU beat out MSU for Taurean Thompson recently and the two have even sparred on the football recruiting trail. We better get a home-and-home going so we can put all this animosity to work.