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Darryl Watkins Relishes Chance as Boeheim's Army Prepares For Philly

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Northeast Regional Play for TBT begins this weekend in Philadelphia and Boeheim's Army is working hard to prepare for their first game.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Boeheim's Army is currently gearing up for their Saturday night matchup against Basketball City NYC. While Basketball City is the 15 seed and Boeheim's Army is the 2 seed, don't expect Boeheim's Army to take them lightly (especially with $2 million on the line).

The team has been working out in the Melo Center this past week, and even got the chance to scrimmage some of the current SU players.

One player who is definitely relishing the opportunity to be part of this team is former Syracuse center Darryl Watkins. Watkins played professionally this past season in France. In an article written by Donna Ditota, she details Watkins desire to play for Boeheim's Army.

Watkins was quoted saying "You don't have a lot of opportunities to play with your old teammates, and it actually gives you something to do in the summer."

There is no doubt that Watkins big body will help Boeheim's Army in the tournament. He will be able to rebound and defend in the low post, just as he did when he played for Boeheim and the Orange.

You can catch Watkins, and the rest of the squad when they take on Basketball City NYC on Saturday night at 7:30. All games are live streamed through Facebook.