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Which Syracuse Basketball Player Has The Correct All-Time NBA Top Ten?

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Tyler Lydon, Frank Howard, Tyus Battle, and Matthew Moyer all dropped their Top Ten All-Time NBA Players lists on Twitter last night. Let's discuss.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Wednesday night, Syracuse Orange sophomore Tyler Lydon teased us all with a statement of fact.

Naturally, we were all like, "Uh, who is yours?" Tyler did us all one better and posted the Top Ten All-Time NBA Player lists for himself, Frank Howard, Tyus Battle, and Matthew Moyer.

Let's break it down in a fancy chart, shall we?

Ranking Tyler Lydon Frank Howard Tyus Battle Matthew Moyer
2 Kareem Kareem Kareem Kareem
3 LeBron LeBron Kobe LeBron
4 Kobe Kobe Magic Kobe
5 Magic Magic LeBron Magic
6 Bird Shaq Bird Shaq
7 Wilt Bird Wilt Bird
8 Duncan Wilt Russell Duncan
9 Shaq Duncan Duncan Russell
10 Russell Steve Francis Shaq Wilt


Frank, we need have to a talk. Are you trolling us? Please tell us you're trolling us. Please make it clear that you don't actually think that Steve Francis is a better NBA legend that Bill Russell or Oscar Robertson or Bob Cousy or Charles Barkley or Karl Malone or Scottie Pippen or literally 100 other guys I could list out here. TELL US, FRANKLIN. SEND US A SIGNAL.

Otherwise, I see Tyler's point. There's a lot of squabbling to be done here. Personally, I think there's an interesting mix of recency bias (I feel like I might take Magic in his prime over Kobe but that's a debate for another day) as well as some anti-LeBron sentiment (from Tyus, if you ask me).

Tyler has put the whole thing up for a vote and thankfully most people realize Howard is crazy pants.

How bout you?