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New Syracuse AD John Wildhack Says Scholarships Are Fine For Student-Athletes

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The new athletic director thinks the full cost of attendance and free education are plenty compensation for student-athletes.

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Now that the dust is beginning to settle and John Wildhack is getting acclimated with his new role as athletic director for the Syracuse Orange, we're going to be looking to him to see where he stands on important issues that affect student-athletes and college athletics at-large.

One of the biggest issues surrounding the sport is whether or not student-athletes are being fairly compensated. He's planting his flag firmly on #TeamScholarshipsAreEnough.

"I think the fact that athletes get four years, sometimes five years, and they get an unbelievable world-class education and then with some things the NCAA has implemented with full cost-of-attendance and everything it's an unbelievable opportunity for young 18 and 19-year-old people. If they take advantage of it, they can leave Syracuse incredibly well equipped to have success in whatever they choose."

I admit I feel one of my head cocking slightly while reading that. Mostly because Wildhack is coming from ESPN where the network has made billions of dollars on the backs of college athletes, many of whom never played professionally and some of whom struggled after graduating. But, that's just me.

Chris Carlson also asked if players should be allowed to leverge their popularity to make extra money while in school.

"I think that's unlikely. Part of that's going to be the NCAA controlling decisions made. I think full cost of attendance, a world-class education, it's an incredible, incredible opportunity. An incredibly opportunity for them. As much as I respect Jay (Bilas) we're probably in different spots on this one."

Personally-speaking, I think the full cost of attendance argument made sense in 1936 but not 2016, but it's an argument that's sure to keep going for a long time. Probably for as long as they play college football and basketball.