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Syracuse Football Recruiting: DeVito Says 'Thanks But No Thanks' to Texas A&M

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Suitors have come calling. It doesn't mean DeVito's listening.

Elite 11

Obviously Syracuse Orange QB commit Tommy DeVito has been gaining some nationwide notoriety of late. The 2017 Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) star went from a three-star seen as an underdog at the Elite 11, to a four-star and one of the best players at The Opening Finals this past weekend -- all in the matter of a couple months.

To no one's surprise, that hype has meant interest from perceived "better" schools looking to flip him from SU. So far, DeVito's not budging -- at least when it came to Texas A&M:

"I told them thank you, but no thank you. They were trying to see if I would consider them despite my commitment. I'm 100 percent solid with my commitment to Syracuse, though."

DeVito dropped that nugget to after returning from The Opening, and it speaks volumes about how firm he is with the Orange right now. A&M runs a similar offense to Syracuse, so the trade-off is really just location, brand and the SEC. Among other reasons, DeVito's cited SU's proximity to home as part of his commitment -- clearly Texas is at least a little further away from New Jersey than Central New York is.

Elsewhere in his interview with, he simply sounds like a player ready to get to work:

"I can't wait to get started. Everything is out of the way now. I'm done with the camps and I've got my college decision made. Now I'm ready for my senior season and hopefully we can go out and win another state championship."

While nothing is set in stone until he signs a national letter of intent, having a star quarterback locked up prior to the heat of recruiting season is usually a good sign for any team's ability to retain him. As Bud Elliott has pointed out multiple times, blue-chip QBs (can we call DeVito one yet?) don't flip that often and usually commit pretty early too. Never say never, but if Syracuse's offense shows promise this year, that should also help prevent any last-minute shifts.


This won't be the end of the interest DeVito generates from other schools, and a lot happens between now and National Signing Day. But for now, let's be reasonably enthusiastic about the upcoming recruiting class (including DeVito) and then see what this fall brings.