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Every 2016 Syracuse Football Opponent Preview, All In One Place

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SB Nation and TNIAAM have already previewed every Syracuse opponent. We give you the links to all of them in one place.

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Whether you've noticed or not, we've been previewing Syracuse Orange football's 2016 opponents week by week since April. That exercise wrapped up last week, so we wanted to collect all of the links here, along with some additional info.

Below is a collection of links to all 12 Syracuse opponent previews on TNIAAM, Bill Connelly's previews for the 11 FBS teams and some takeaways you may also find interesting.

Week 1: Colgate Raiders

Last year: 9-5 (6-0 in Patriot League)

TNIAAM Colgate Preview

Bill C. Colgate Preview (N/A)

Want More?: @ColgateFootball

Big Takeaway:

"The year will rise and fall on how the non-conference schedule goes. Should they pull an upset or two, this team could find themselves ranked in the top-5 or -10 by simply running through the rest of the manageable Patriot League slate. Hunt's knowledge of this program going in was a huge advantage and he obviously has it trending in the right direction in a short time."

Week 2: Louisville Cardinals

Last year: 8-5 (5-3 in ACC)

TNIAAM Louisville Preview

Bill C. Louisville Preview

Want More?: Card Chronicle

Big Takeaway:

"The Cards' season will be defined by what it does in games against top-ranked opponents Florida State, Clemson and Houston. Last year, they went 0-3 against the trio despite two of those games being at home. This year, two (Clemson, Houston) are on the road, which could potentially up the level of difficulty despite the easier slate of opponents overall. If Louisville can even grab one of those games, double-digit wins (and more) are on the table."

Week 3: USF Bulls

Last year: 8-5 (6-2 in AAC)


Bill C. USF Preview

Want More?: The Daily Stampede

Big Takeaway:

"Should the inexperienced Bulls defensive line still be getting its bearings in week three, it could give Eric Dungey and the passing game a whole lot more time to operate. It's tough to bank on an upset here, but the more points these teams score, the more likely the Orange could come away with a surprising victory (which they'll need if they ave any shot of getting back to six wins)."

Week 4: at UConn Huskies

Last year: 6-7 (4-4 in AAC)

TNIAAM UConn Preview

Bill C. UConn Preview

Want More?: The UConn Blog

Big Takeaway:

"Even at 81st, though, the Huskies have a decent shot at returning to a bowl. They are projected to go about 6-6 with three likely wins, four likely losses, and five games with a win probability between 38 and 50 percent. With a bit more offensive improvement, something like 8-4 is within reach. With a little less luck in the injuries and bounces departments, a regression to 4-8 is an option, too."

Week 5: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Last year: 10-3 (N/A)

TNIAAM Notre Dame Preview

Bill C. Notre Dame Preview

Want More?: One Foot Down

Big Takeaway:

"If Kelly can keep his troops rallied, Notre Dame will have a serious shot at a Playoff bid, especially considering the schedule might ease up. And if the defense plays to its recruiting rankings, this team's ceiling is as high as anyone's outside of Tuscaloosa."

Week 6: at Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Last year: 3-9 (1-7)

TNIAAM Wake Forest Preview

Bill C. Wake Forest Preview

Want More?: Blogger So Dear

Big Takeaway:

"Things could get better from a win-loss perspective, I suppose? Tulane, Army and Delaware are all probable non-conference wins, and while Indiana's improved, they aren't world-beaters either. Facing a struggling Boston College program and getting Virginia as a crossover at least create the possibility that six wins is on the table after two years languishing at 3-9. Like past years, that will depend on injury luck (bad last year) and scoring points."

Week 7: Virginia Tech Hokies

Last year: 7-6 (4-4)

TNIAAM Virginia Tech Preview

Bill C. Virginia Tech Preview

Want More?: Gobbler Country, The Key Play

Big Takeaway:

"If the quarterback position is settled -- especially if Jerod Evans, a junior, wins the job -- then Virginia Tech sure seems to have a lot of pieces in place for Fuente. I'm not completely sure what that means for 2016; a top-30 performance doesn't at all seem out of the question, but beyond that we'll see."

Week 8: at Boston College Eagles

Last year: 3-9 (0-8)

TNIAAM Boston College Preview

Bill C. Boston College Preview

Want More?: BC Interruption

Big Takeaway:

"A few close losses in 2014 meant Addazio hadn't stored up as much goodwill as he should have from what really was an impressive two-year surge. And a total offensive collapse (with a few more close losses) meant he used all of it up. He needs to rebound this year, and he probably will."

Week 10: at Clemson Tigers

Last year: 14-1 (8-0)

TNIAAM Clemson Preview

Bill C. Clemson Preview

Want More?: Shakin' the Southland

Big Takeaway:

"Dabo Swinney has put together an impossibly athletic, deep team, one that can both outrun you on the perimeter and push you over in the trenches. Florida State will take a hard run at Clemson's conference crown, and Alabama and plenty of others are entertaining the same national title ambition as the Tigers. But this is going to be a really, really good team once again."

Week 11: NC State Wolfpack

Last year: 7-6 (3-5)

TNIAAM NC State Preview

Bill C. NC State Preview

Want More?: Backing the Pack

Big Takeaway:

"This is a long way of saying NC State is at a crossroads. Three years in, head coach Dave Doeren has yet to actually beat a power conference team that finished with a winning record. The Wolfpack have also only lost to one team with a losing record. That's a good way of assuring your ratings are solid while also giving your fanbase very little to get excited about."

Week 12: Florida State Seminoles

Last year: 10-3 (6-2)

TNIAAM Florida State Preview

Bill C. Florida State Preview

Want More?: Tomahawk Nation

Big Takeaway:

"Florida State, while perhaps trailing behind Clemson by a step in the preseason polls, is every much in step with them as a potential playoff team. The schedule ramps up quite a bit, however. By the end of the first six games -- a slate that includes matchups against Ole Miss, Louisville, South Florida, North Carolina and Miami -- the country will know exactly what this team's ceiling is."

Week 13: at Pittsburgh Panthers

Last year: 8-5 (6-2)

TNIAAM Pittsburgh Preview

Bill C. Pittsburgh Preview

Want More?: Cardiac Hill

Big Takeaway:

"Per S&P+, the Panthers have two likely wins, one likely loss, three games between 37 and 43 percent, and six between 56 and 71 percent. If they play well as a favorite, they could end up going 8-4 or 9-3. If Conner's return and a second year in Narduzzi's system result in a bump beyond Pitt's projected ranking of 29th, then you could be looking at the ACC Coastal favorite."