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Former Orange Kayla Treanor Talks to TNIAAM About Syracuse, Pro WLAX, and Team USA

TNIAAM spoke with Kayla Treanor about 'Cuse, the UWLX, Team USA and more.

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Even though Kayla Treanor's time at Syracuse is over, her lacrosse career is just getting started. She plays in the new professional women's lacrosse league, the United Women's Lacrosse League (UWLX), and with Team USA. I spoke to her on the phone Thursday to talk about her life after Syracuse. Here is our conversation.

Q: Your four years at Syracuse have come to an end and you've had some time to let that sink in. But looking back how would you describe your experience at SU?

It was the best four years of my life. It was just a great experience lacrosse-wise and school-wise.

Q: Your coach Gary Gait called you the best player in the history of Syracuse lacrosse. How did you react when you heard that?

That was really cool to hear that from someone like him. He is just a legend in general and a legend in my mind, it was definitely an honor coming from him. I feel really lucky being able to play with all of the people I did and get coached by him because without him or the players I played with it wouldn't be possible.

Q: In your four years at Syracuse, what has been your favorite memory?

Junior year winning the ACC tournament and beating three teams that we lost to in the regular season (Boston College, Duke and North Carolina). All of them were top-four in the country and we beat all of them. Three teams in four days.

Q: All of your experiences at Syracuse led you to a new career with the UWLX. Now you play for the Boston Storm. What has it been like?

I heard about the league and I put my name in the draft. When (I got selected) I was really excited! I think it has turned out better than I thought. The rules make the game so exciting and really fun to play in. It's also great to give all of these players a chance to keep playing after college.

Q: What are your thoughts on the new rules like the two-point shot?

I love all of the rules and I think the college game should adopt the rules and do exactly what the pro league is doing.

Q: Why?

It's just really exciting. You don't stop on a whistle, there's a shot clock, there's a two point shot, and no one can go in on the restraining line the draw. All of these different rules make women's lacrosse way more exciting to watch and more enticing for a fan to watch. It's not as boring and I think it will get a lot more people to follow the sport.

Q: So many coaches from the top programs in the nation that I've spoken to have said that you changed the game of women's lacrosse because of the dominance you brought on attack that hasn't been seen before. How do you react to hearing that you single-handedly changed the landscape of a sport?

I'm really glad people think that, but I have never thought of it that way. I think I got to play in a program where you were allowed to be flashy and allowed to try new things and do different things that nobody else was doing. That has been the coolest part and has really helped me play a style of lacrosse that our (Syracuse) coaches teach us.

Q: You just got back from England playing with Team USA, where the team dominated going 5-0 (beating Germany, England, Wales, Scotland, and the English developmental team). How was that experience?

It was an awesome experience. I think the coolest thing is that you have different teammates (outside of Syracuse) there. I have all of these awesome teammates and we have so much fun together and it was really cool to play different countries. It was a great bonding experience.

Q: The Rio Olympics are coming up, do you think there is the potential for lacrosse to become an Olympic Sport?

Absolutely! It's all about countries and how many countries are playing it. If (the Olympics) can get enough countries to I think it will absolutely become an Olympic sport.

Q: How long do you think that will take?

I'm not sure. Hopefully in my lifetime.

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