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Syracuse Women's Basketball: Quentin Hillsman Receives Extension Following Final Four Run

Coach Q plans to stick around "as long as they want me to be here."

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

A year ago, Quentin Hillsman received a contract extension as head coach of the Syracuse Orange women's basketball team. Then he led the Orange all the way to the National Championship game. Naturally, he's getting another extension.

Hillsman confirmed the deal to but did not reveal the terms. He did say it was interim AD Dan French who had extended the offer of an extension and the two sides hammered out a deal quickly.

"It was just a great gesture by the administration,'' Hillsman said. "I wanted to be here. I knew they wanted me to be here. If someone brings you the right deal, there's nothing to haggle about. I want to be here as long as they want me to be here.'"

"We've worked hard to build the program to the level of the men's program. We want to have a program the school can be proud of,'' Hillsman said. "I think when you think about being at Syracuse University and coaching basketball, where else is there for me to go? You're in a sports town. Where could you go that could be that much better than Syracuse?''

Hillsman is 218-118 at Syracuse in eleven seasons with SU, having guided the team to four-straight NCAA Tournaments and this past season's Final Four.

Incidentall, Coach Q says he met incoming AD John Wildhack at the Final Four as ESPN was broadcasting the event.